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A P2P Panache!

Haha, this post got truncated and I’m not in the mood to repost everything — cos its all forgotten!!

Oh well, so what’s the P2P panache? Twitter of course. The personalised P2P (peer-to-peer) uncommon and common news aggregator, thats more personal than ever before. Who says you can’t be a journalist?

Line-Height: 16

Ahhh, it reads better now. Um, what is? My blog that is!

The leading/line-height/space-between-lines/whatever-you-call-them have been lowered to ensure that my pages don’t stretch too tall. Its been irking me since, but it’ll irk me no more. I am a happy boy now. Yup, simple things make me happy.

Getting a bigger, faster bike or a bigger, fatter paycheck are all just luxuries. Even getting the Macbook Air or the Gefore GTX 285 are too much for me.

Not that I mind receiving them as presents.  I absolutely, totally and wholeheartedly do not mind at all.

But for now, a line-height adjustment will do fine. Oh, I could use a few blue notes in my wallet as well!

A Week’s Recap

Last week blasted by my life, likened to how the Sumatra Squall terrorised my Island, my sunny Singapore in midweek. It appeared serene, yet once it touched down it’s a whirlwind, pun intended, of events and emotions.

My week was capped by a soccer tournament at FICO on Sunday, where FC Dragonscage (yeah, we called ourselves that!) had a hell of a ride. Bob and Rash came late, so we had to endure 2 games without any substitute which we sorely felt at the end of the 2nd game, as we lost out 2-0 after winning the first game 3-1. With their arrival, Me, Fad, Amin and Husnul finally got a grip on our game as we ran out eventually winners of our group.

Had I known, I would have donned my field boots ‘cos I kept slipping during games with my street soccer gears. Nevertheless it felt good getting involved incompetitive football again, running at defenders and taking potshots at goal. I scored a few goals, got complimented by some bystanders but luck would soon run out as we finally lost to a better team in the knockout stages. It was a close fight, but not without controversy of the referee donning the same coloured jersey as our opponents.

One of the senior referee was really really stubborn as he argued with me on the legalities and technicalities surrounding the day’s refereeing hoo-hahs. He irked me excessively and even when I insist on ending the discussion, he deliberately revived it by bringing up irrelevant topics to counter my argument, which only served to fuel my suspicions that this particular referee was a certain nut case, and thus not deserving of a decent debate. At the end, Bob mentioned that I was being nice to the referee and should just blasted him instead! Bah~

The day before, it was a different soccer game as Skopets entertained Premier FC, a team on a rampage of 17 goals in 3 games. We feared the worsts but by the end of the Saturday afternoon match, which Juffry featured too, we’ve won 5-1. Things are looking really good indeed for us in the D2Dsports Division 3 league.

Running through last midweek’s events, the unexpected Sumatra Squall mirrored my customers’ sudden jobload, which was a storm without warning. We had to work till early morning almost daily, but thankfully, like the Squall, it has gone to pass. Finally work is picking up again.

And then there was the disappointment in the unrelenting schedule of Han and mine, when it comes to looking for time to DOTA. It has been a while since I’ve gamed with him, and I hope this 1st May (Good Friday) we’ll be able to game again — and I think Bangau will be back too! So until we make the forests of Lordaeron/Azeroth safe again, tread those grounds with care, oh dear dota-ers.

Liverpool (4) – Arsenal (4)

Am I finally running out of superlatives to describe the gritty performances of Liverpool of late?

Is it going to be the norm that Liverpool puts 4 past their opponent’s these days?

Is it a coincidence that the last 12 goals that Liverpool have scored were without their talismatic captain, Steven Gerrard?

Is it also going to be set in the heavens that everytime Liverpool and Arsenal meet, the game ends in a draw?

Is it too much to say that the game deserved to be labeled as one of the best EPL games in modern times?

Is this the game which signals the arrival of my idol, the mistaken parvenu, the enigmatic Andrey Arshavin? He scored 4 wonderfully taken goals btw and  I am quietly impressed — though I’m a little disappointed that he chose to show up in this game. A game which Liverpool badly required to win to keep any hopes of a title dream.

Will Manchester take advantage of this result and extend their lead further tonight?

Will Chelsea catch up to Liverpool by beating Everton or will the fellow Merseysiders keep the Blues in check?

Will Liverpool continue to dominate games and annhilate opponents until the end of the season?

Will the 19th English title finally come to Anfield?

Will I  stop asking questions and write proper paragraphs and sentences instead?

Maybe I will. ; )

Twitter or Wither! (Twitter vS Facebook)

Okay, that seemed a bit harsh isn’t it? But to not twit or tweet (much like the twit twit sounds made by a bird in excitement, or maybe just because it’s mating.)  isn’t really the right question that one should be asking.

Most people I know are familiar and immersed in Facebook, which can be described as twitter on steroids — and like anything on steroids, it can become unmanageable at times. Me? I think its a chore to log into facebook, though I log in sometimes, if only to see if there’s anything new to digest.

But twittering is a different drug altogether. Unlike most web apps which I try out and forget after a while, I find that the network that I’ve accumulated on the service provides me with enough dose every hour or so to find out something new from my counterparts, or from people whom I’ve opt to follow, just because I think they’re got interesting inputs now and then. Its like someone is standing on a podium and blurting out randoms and you choose to follow them. Thats it, its just information sharing, but at its best.

And yes, once in a while there is that ‘I just woke up and wet my bed” updates, but its rare when compared to the life-whoring updates on facebook. Plus there’s too many adverts and distractions on Facebook that its more of a turn-off to any productivity. In fact someone did a research that the more time you spend on facebook, the dumber you get (i.e your grades fall off!). I can’t recall the link though. =/

So who wins in this comparison? Twitip summarises the potential best. It likened Facebook to the Lycos and Excite giants of not so long ago, and Twitter to Google, which is fast, simple, efficient and kind. Ever wondered what happened to Lycos and Excite?

Will you twitter, or wither?

The Block

Really, I don’t know what to update on. Been reading too much news lately and brain’s a little fried, I guess.

Lets see….

1. Scored a nice chip at the weekend, to kick-off Skopets’ inaugural season in the 3rd division of D2DSports’ League. The opponents were young and menacing, but they couldn’t sustain their pressure and their youthful exteriors.  We ran out 4 goals to nothing victors. Good win!

2. DC is back! After a few weeks of dismal attendance, the crowd is gathering again. The record wins-in-a-row still remains intact though. 

3. Garena’s DOTA ladder will reset today, and its back to square one for everyone. Gotta DOTA (ladder) frequently now.

4. Jack (my black kitteh) loves gnawing at Mama’s artificial flower arrangements, and she squeals when she found out that the water/fluid on those leaves aren’t really dew.  What do you think? Mama then gave Jack a mouthful of words, which she (Jack) tried meowing to protest in vain.

5.  Akon does have some good grooves goin on. Listening to Beautiful at the moment. Sweeeeeeeet!

6. No Liverpool games, so the weekend sucked partly. Liverpool plays against Klayhead’s beloved Arsenal tomorrow morning. No guessing who’s gonna win there. ARSENAL WILL LOOOOOOOooooOOOoooOOOooooOOOOooose!!!! Thanks in advance for agreeing with me. Xie xie, xie xie.

Hmmm, seems that there isn’t any block after all. = )

What We Really Don’t Know About The Somali Pirates

I quote:

Did we expect starving Somalians to stand passively on their beaches, paddling in our nuclear waste, and watch us snatch their fish to eat in restaurants in London and Paris and Rome? We didn’t act on those crimes – but when some of the fishermen responded by disrupting the transit-corridor for 20 percent of the world’s oil supply, we begin to shriek about “evil.” If we really want to deal with piracy, we need to stop its root cause – our crimes – before we send in the gun-boats to root out Somalia’s criminals.

Taken from huffington posts’ “you are being lied about somali pirates” article. 

No, this isn’t related to my favourite One Piece Pirate cartoon, but this is real. Its always good to know both sides of the story before we make any judgement eh?

Now (if you’d read the article already) would you agree in sending the US navy to go on a rampage to eradicate these ‘pirates’? Would you really?

Americon Idol: Season 9

I can’t believe that I’m following American Idol like a seasoned groupie like my siscus(that’s sisters cousins for ya!) used to back during the Clay Aiken days.

Anyway, my point being that unlike Singapore Idol os seasons past, there isn’t any kids who can’t sing or punks who are merely jumping around on stage. American Idol contestant Season 9 has got the chops required to be in the show.

Sadly, not all of them perform at optimal range. Here’s my take after watching tonight’s episode:

Alison a little bland. Din’t really pull off with the high notes.

Anoop devoid of emotions. Its as if he was having his final performance of the campaign.

Adam. He made it fun. The orchestra rocked! He was expressive. He’s good. Bloody hell.

Matt Giraud almost desecrated Bryan Adam’s number with some untimely voice riffs. He has a gd voice, but instead of impressing the crowd, should’ve stick to working at the song instead.

Danny Goker truly felt his song and he sang through his eyes and pitch. Very nice. Good rapport with the audience.

Kris Allen looked good, but came off nervous looking and at times off-key. He can be gd if he can appear relaxed. Talented but not this week.

Lil Rounds has got one of the best vocals, and on her day she’s rightfully a singer on her own stage. Disappointingly she looks a little uncomfortable right now, and she’s singing with a lack of confidence.

So there you have it, my worthless thoughts/opinion of their performance. Ahhh, nothing beats being critical with nonchalant carte blance. I’m loving it.

Quick Replies

@ Skyprince — You know if I’m not wrong, the Elf deck remains undefeated till today. But it has been defeated before, and that by a Zombie deck! You know, M:TG has grown tremendously now? There’s ALARA: Reborn expansion coming up. Check out these pre-release schedules here in Singapore!

@ Klayhead —  Bro, history have shown that Chelsea-Arsenal games are very tight, cagey affairs so I’m not surprised that it’ll end in a stalemate. Also, twice, the last time they met in cup games, Chelsea came out victors. But I’m no fan of history, and me judging them by their current form, I suppose Arsenal will be be given a hard time containing Chelsea’s threat. But the ball is round right?

@ Sri — By myself? You had to ask? What!!! Okay, not really. Haha. Its a free template actually. I just altered bits and pieces of it, like any true web designer does. Heh. Head down to  smashing magazine, which provide insightful designs, for some inspirations.

“Pay not what it stands for, but because its worth it. “
Not So Famous random quotes from Mar.