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The Liverpool Dream Lives On

The Liverpool Dream Lives On

I set my alarm at 5.45am and woke duely, eager to watch the game between my Reds against Real Madrid. Hanging onto a single away goal advantage, I was half-expecting Rafa to deploy a ultra defensive line-up to stifle the Madrid offensive men. And this was the other half of my expectations:

I switch on the tv and it shows that scoreline — I missed the whole game!!! I woke up, only to watch the final score! It was all the more disappointing that I missed the anticipation and anxiety of the buildup and climax of all four goals!!!

Immediately I went back to sleep, as I didn’t want to find out how the goals were scored, so that when I watched the replay later on at night, I can watch the whole game eagerly. 

You have to be a really special player, like Torres or Gerrard, to score against Real Madrid or Madrid themselves have to be playing really badly. As for Andrea Dossena’s goal scoring antics, I’m not sure which statements to pick. 

I felt Madrid wasn’t bad. They were simply unlucky that Liverpool were more effective, just like how Liverpool have been REALLY unlucky when lesser teams give them the sucker punch, despite being dominated. The 4 goals that came today, really should have arrived back then during the league games against the likes of Villa, Stoke and Everton.

And Real dominated and had chances too, though they lacked that dominating striker to force errors off the Red’s defenders, or the pacey wingers to shred the flanks away. And Lassana Diarra had a tremendous game in the middle of the park, and I’m sure Arsene Wenger will be wondering why he sold him off to Portsmouth back then.

Anyway, Liverpool 4, Real Madrid 0. It couldn’t have been any sweeter right?

At this rate… bring on the Man Yoos…

The Art Of Salesmanship

Oh wow, what do you know…  I don’t know how qualified or experienced this person who quoted this is, but I can attest at its values and effectiveness. Jack Carroll’s article, The Art of Salesmanship Is the Absence of Salesmanship, is short but concise and it shows the 3 stages of salesmanship that one must master. I quote:

  • Stage 1: The art of salesmanship is showmanship
  • Stage 2:  The art of salesmanship is the concealment of salesmanship
  • Stage 3:  The art of salesmanship is the absence of salesmanship

    You’re welcomed to visit the article to know more as Its redundant for me to repeat it here.

    Well for sure I’ve never been to stage 1,  as I’m not one to showboat or gesture wildly or speak in rhymes and riddles. So I don’t even know which stage I’m at but it sure is a really interesting way to categorise one’s development in salesmanship. 

    I personally know a couple of friends who are direct selling and stuck at stage 1. They keep telling me how hard it is to convince potential clients. Well now you know eh?

    So which stage are you at? 

  • My SeafoodMiso-thon and Movie Marathon.

    I just had Pastamania’s Seafood Miso twice now in as many days, and I’m still not sick of it. It’s creamy,  sweet, garlic-spicy, and smells of the sea. Now who could resist that eh? I couldn’t, so I got it via its home delivery — a very welcomed move IMHO.

    This means that whenever I’m hungry and lazy at home I can count on Macdelivery, KFC, Pizza, Golden Pillow, and now, Pastamania! Now if only there is a Nasi Lemak delivery service on this island and I’m quite perplexed as to why noone is doing it exclusively.  If I had the $$$ and time, I’d love to start something like that, but I don’t so I can only rant at it. 

    And I’d like to rant at Watchmen, the Movie too, which I felt had a sort of ‘sad’ and ‘unpromising’ ending. I’m glad I didn’t read the comic, otherwise I’d have an expectation of the movie when I watched it yesterday with Dil, right after work.

    Oh, what a movie marathon it was too! We caught Push right after Watchmen, and overall, after almost 250mins++ of movie watching,  I thought Push fared better. Though not necessarily being a tremendously good movie, Push was a little bit ‘B’ grade in my opinion due to its venue, which was set in HongKong (why HongKong???).  Watchmen despite its ‘A’ grade looking effects (thanks to director Zack Snyder) disappointed in its ending, and it was a wordy show too!

    The movie Push, it felt cheaply made, though the premise was not bad, and the acting of 13yr old Dakota Fanning, who donned an extremely mini mini mini mini-skirt throughout, was really good. Bright future she has indeed, and though you may compare pushers to x-men, the movie seriously needs a better director and scriptwriter if it is to be tagged a ‘blockbuster’.

    Next up: Slumdog Millionaire. *cracks knuckles*

    Singnet Woes

    Oh, and why is Singnet so slow at work of late?

    Internet is breezy at home, but at work it has been crawling slower than a snail.


    My Number One Wish

    Tired. Just tired. I’m not sure how long it’ll take the new designer to be able to step up to my plate, cos it seems that several inputs and demonstrations are required before she grasps the idea. Well at least she grasped it right, and being the second day at work, I suppose that she did fairly ok, but I’m slowly growing tired. 

    I’m starting to sense that my mere presence is causing others to slack – cos they know that they can depend on me. I recall back then, during my early days of how I was left to handle all the jobs on my own, and how I utilised 4 workstations at the same time to complete my day — it only made me push myself further. 

    Though I enjoy overcoming challenges, the sheer intensity of these few days’ workload is an unwelcomed burden, but one which I certainly do cherish. It’s hard to describe what work is, cos I do a bit of everything, and everything can be a bit too much at times.

    The one good thing about it is that work brings a new challenge everyday, and that keeps it fresh for me, but as fresh as it sounds, it wears me down constantly. And this attrition makes me tired, really tired.

    And no, I’m not looking at any pay raise. No, I’m not looking for any easier jobs. And no, certainly I’m not wishing that things could be different. I just long for a long holiday.

    Anyway. my upcoming Terrengganu trip won’t be much of a holiday I’m sure. It’ll probably compose lots of mad rush to eat, shop, visits and bbq-ing. I doubt that I’ll be able to spend half a day undisturbed on my own — which I crave for dearly at the moment.

    My number one wish tonight: To get stranded on an island with only an EeePC (to surf the net) and an mp3 player (to get emotional while listening to songs!) as my companions. I think I’ll even settle for a dream like that tonight. I wish…

    Wakata.. Korewa.. Koizumi..

    I have been spending late nights till the wee hours watching One Piece episodes, and contrary to my earlier belief that its just so difficult to watch anime online, actually it’s been relatively DEAD SIMPLE to watch animes online.

    Not since my NS days have I been this hook on watching animes, and having stopped midtracks on those long running animes, I’ve regained my footing on the One Piece adventure! Nothing beats fighting an arduous sea journey with insane battles and crazy comrades.

    I was once so hooked on the anime, that I even bought posters and miniatures that belonged to the One Piece franchise. Hell, I even had a few chess pieces that depicted characters from the series. (Yes I was that obsessed with One Piece, and chess, back then…) 

    At least the anime have enlightened my nights, lightening my mood from the hectic day schedule and other stuffs. Here’s probably why I enjoy the show: 
    1. Crazy, determined, selfless, independant, proactive, strong-willed, cohesive, complex-yet-simple characters.
    2. The artwork in pastel, bright and lively colours. 
    3. The camraderie and sacrifice that each person goes through and endure.
    4. The way the director climaxes each episode.
    5. The unsuspecting jokes and teasers, littered throughout the show.
    6. Frilly, cool subs!
    7. Work’s stressing up.
    8. Getting jaded of losing in DOTA.
    9. Noone to go karaoke with.
    10. Last, but not least, ITS FREE!!!!!!

    Anyway, one good thing I’ve learned from watching the show is this: Things aren’t always what they seem and always, always, always, think twice carefully before making any decisions.

    Wakata… Korewa…..

    Goodbye yesterday, Hello today.

    What was all the inspiration talk about eh? Well, to summarise, someone briefed me on the difference between motivation and inspiration. Can you tell the difference?

    Anyway, I won’t dwell much on that topic, but rather mention a few unfortunate important events at work.  In this mundane economy, it’s tough trying to keep hold onto a job so it didn’t felt right for me to terminate the service of our FA artist, but I suppose 2 votes against my single 1 won and so a new designing colleague will be working along with me from now on. 

    It wasn’t as if she couldn’t work, cos she could, but it was her handling of customers and preparedness to tackle on the job issues that couldn’t make me convince Towkay to keep her. Wish her good luck in her future endeavours.

    Anyway, long story short, the new girl arrives tomorrow, and I’m in charge of imbueing our work culture immediately. With the previous 2 designers, I didn’t get to ‘brainwash’ them much about the business but I hope I’ll get to nurture something here. I have to — my NS recall letter have already arrived, and it’s for the month of AUGUST! (Wow, they’re really efficient this time around!) Someone’s gotta take over my role when I’m gone, so better be prepared early eh?

    So with a brand new colleague, a brand new chapter begins. My schedule and to-do list, though still in a mess, I’m quite sure that they’ll be solved within a couple of years weeks, and of course, starting today.

    Oh well, goodbye Yesterday, hello Today.