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Blown Away: Skopets Invicta FC

Skopets were blown away by the Buffalos. Quite deservedly too. We were bad. No, we were attrocious leaning towards schoolboy soccer.

Still there were glimpses of what we’re capable of as we tried to force an equaliser but our defensive frailties resurfaced as we crumbled 5-2 at the end. 

The guys were quite content to occupy third place and still call the season as successful, though I secretly harboured my disappointments. Third was as good as last place for me. Bah.

Perhaps next season will bear a different kind of fruit, but its still too early to say anything. There is still one final game of the season to attend to, and I’m hoping the guys would have ‘awoken’ by then.

No Palpitations

In less than 9 hours, the fate of Skopet Invicta will more or less be decided then.

Lose, and we’ll probably occupy third spot in the league.

Draw, and we leave our fate in the hands of other teams.

Win, and no doubt we’ll grab bragging rights to be called champions, all in our maiden league appearance.

Postpone and the agony of not knowing stretches for another week.

I’m hoping that the rain will learn to stay away from our gaming slot, unlike the previous weeks when instead of kicking off, we’re getting the rain-off from the organisers.

You see, I’m all geared up for this game. I couldn’t be more prepared physically for this game. My cough’s close to non-existent. I’ve had so much sleep that I couldn’t sleep anymore by the time it was 6am this morning. I’ve already loaded with plenty of carbs last night, and mcdelivery’s supposed to arrive with my hotcakes and sausages anytime soon now.

Oooh, I forgot to mention that I’m hoping work goes smoothly too. I hope I don’t have to stay late so I can leave for Bedok Green Secondary early.

Bring the game on, Buffalos. I can barely wait.

A Record 5th Time Moving

It took a while before the huge lorry arrived, which was the signal for us to start moving the items. Its like a record 5th time that we’re shifting the items and this time round, its not even to the final location where the  items are heading into last night. 

Reaching home at about 8.30pm, and Dad immediately mentioned of the ‘immobilisation’ at Uncle’s place. Gobbled my dinner down, rejected Bangau’s calling for Left4Dead gaming at West Coast SRC, and reached there quite early, regretfully, as I waited nearly an hour for the lorry! Fuh! 

Thankfully there were quite a few abled bodies, and notably missing was my bro,  who’s nursing a migraine at home. I think my constant late night coughing has messed up his deep sleep! Hmmm, how come I’m not affected by the lack of sleep?

Poor chap. Pretty soon he’ll be moving into a house with his wife, once their wedding is held and he’ll be free from my pestilence! And then I’ll have the whole room to noone but myself! Oh, I forgot about the 2 cats! Frisky little kitties. Now I’ll be the only one taking care of them! Waaaa.

On a lighter note, I think my cough’s subsidising. And in time for tomorrow’s  crunching league game too. Yeah!

A Change Of Heart

How often do you fall sick?

I have a feeling that I’m getting ill almost every other week. It’s always either the cough, flu, fever, and back to the cough again. I supppose my immune system really needs some help eh, and all those late mornings of DOTA-ing or working sure isn’t getting me better.
Something gotta give, but what? I love DOTA-ing, so denying me of DOTA-ing is like keeping a plant in a suitcase — it’ll survive for a while but it’ll soon wilt away.

A change of job? Nah. Work’s too fun to be gotten rid of. Plus I wouldn’t trade anything for this group of colleagues.

Ooh. Maybe Transfer Factors then? Hmmmmm…

I iz need napz.

I iz need napz.

I’m sure I could use a looooong nap too. I feel sick. *Sic*

No More One Piece Episodes

As I’m writing this post, my two cats are practising their Capoeiras dutifully. Such mild mannered cats. Spiralling, twisting and bouncing around. Nice kitties…

Ok, so I never thought that I’d ever get to see the day when I’d let go of a cough and spill out the dinner.

Well I just did. And the cough is back. (What’s up with me and cough???) And its giving me a torrid time, much like how Torres gave Vidic a horrible afternoon, when Liverpool THRASHED Man Yoo that day.

And so I’ve blogged about how I came to miss all the games (Real Madrid’s, Man Yoo’s) that end up with Liverpool thrashing their opponents. Sigh. I sooo wanted to watch those games la!

Anyway, one thing I’ll definitely be watching is my diet. And extra careful too, which probably means no fried chicken wings, nasi lemaks or cold drinks in the morning.  Oh, and plenty of rest/sleep too, which loosely translates to no late night DOTA or One Piece Episodes.

But DOTA-ing any earlier than 1am  sucks la. I strongly believe that the wee hours crowd attracts the mature, serious and more reliable gamers.

Gaah! So I don’t win as often as I’d like to in DOTA games these days, but I hope the bad luck won’t stretch till tomorrow, when my soccer team plays the team that’s behind us in the league (and which I’m sure is plotting heavily for us to let go of the throne too).

I have a feeling it’ll be a good day tomorrow. *ignores runny nose and itchy throat*

I’m pretty sure it’ll be a good day. \m/

The 24 hours Journey

No, the bus journey didn’t last a continuous 24 hours but it sure felt like it did, though the night journey towards Terengganu was considerably faster than the coming home trip. 

Did I have fun? Hell yeah! Even though I managed to chalk up a measly 2 minutes of playing time in the tantalising Marang waves. (Marang is the place where our Beach Resort was located at. A pretty much rural area, with lots of Keropok Lekor or Lekor Crackers!) 

I skipped the fun of jumping into the waters on the first day as it was, and which I’ve come to regret at the end, spent taking snapshots of the clear day, and of course before the rain battered the beach.

I took loads of pictures indeed. So when day 2 arrived, I felt compelled to greet the waters, especially as the waves grew, as if beckoning me to jump in.

Jumped in, I did,  but sadly the bigger waves was only a signal for the arrival of the merciless rain, which lasted ALL THE WAY from that morning till the next morning, even after I boarded the bus home and arrived at Johor! What ruthless rain!

Food was so-so, meaning I wasn’t entirely impressed but the calmness surrounding the area sort of provided me with a getaway from my hectic daily schedules, and now that I’m back at the office, I’m missing the peace already.

I’ll probably post a few pictures that I took in my next post, and if ever someone were to ask me ‘Would I go there again?’. Hell yeah! Though I’d probably jump into the waters at first sight, this time round. Heh.

Here I Gooooooo..

Off to Terengganu liaos~~~~~

Cya on Monday!  \m/

The Terengganu Trip

I thought that I would be missing the top-of-the-table clash for my team’s Saturday 3pm League this weekend, as I’ll be out of country, but oh how relieved I was when I found out that the soccer game has been postponed! 

I would be really disappointed if I were to miss the game, and if we were to lose the throne to them on that day, I’d be gutted as I wasn’t able to do anything.  Now, I can finally travel with a peace of mind and refine my rusty photography skills.

So yeah, my Terengganu trip is still on, making it the 2nd time that I’ll be at Angulia beach resort, and possibly the 2nd time that I’ll be visiting Sekayu Waterfalls. Ooh, I can’t wait to start snapping away on my gigantic camera. Okaylah, its not gigantic but it certainly isn’t small.

If anyone is even remotely interested, here’s a look at what my travel bag would probably contain for the 3D/3N trip:
1) 1 EeePC 901
2) 1 toothbrush, 1 facewash, 1 Mach3 Shaver
3) 1 T-Shirt
4) 1 Bermudas 
5) 1 Ipod Touch
6) 1 Boxers
7) & Lots of different chargers… sigh…

In that list above, number 7 appears to be the most irritating of them all. Ugh. If only all gadgets’ chargers were universal. And yeah, how can I ever leave home without a musical/gaming device?