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I missed Liverpool’s Game, but did changed my layout.

Change is always refreshing. My earlier bright yellowy theme felt bright, yellowy, clean and simple but it didn’t feel personal enough. For a personal blog, it didn’t have that homely feel, but rather a newsy outlook. Thus my undertaking of this 2nd Brand new Old Finally, it looks like I’m writing on my own sketchy, grungy, virtual notepad! 

Also how can I ever take down my affable Liverpool FC insignia? Nothing will ever detach me away from my idolised club. Well, nothing but DOTA that is. DOTA made me miss, wait for it, here it comes,yup yup this is it, Liverpool’s  comeback against Portsmouth FC, whom twice took the lead — but I’ll leave a review of that till later — but still lost to the comeback kings.

So it was another (Saturday) night of physically grueling, emotionally testing, energy sapping, lung bursting, eyes tearing, and backbone breaking rounds of DEE-OH-TEE-AYE, or DOTA. And it made me miss the Liverpool game against Portsmouth! It was a 12 hours DOTA marathon, and we** were rock solid throughout!

Well fyi, rock solid meant that we were more or less sitting stoned in front of the computers, with a bottle of green tea as our constant companion. Of course special thanks goes to 7-11 for supplying us with food (instant noodles, sandwiches) in the wee hours, we not only survived, but exceeded the 12hours!

Guess what? It was DOTA all over again come Sunday night. Ahhh, ssimple pleasures revisited.

**(We here refers to Me, Bangau and Han-Solo! The famous trio of ZooM! Not!!)

World Superhero Registry – For Real?

I can’t vouch for its authenticity, but if masked photographs of dudes in costumes and having a 1980s styled website (either that or its being designed by a 13 year old from his bedroom) speaks for itself, then I suppose that it is really true. The world superhero registry does exists! 

How to join? Simple, according to their FAQs,  A Real-Life Superhero is a person who does good deeds or fights crime while in costume. Reasons one has to be in a costume is so that it can inspires others, are just one of the many consequences, defined by them in being a superhero.

My favourite Superhero? Polar man. Here are his virtues:  

Polar Man shovels elders’ steps and walkways, entertains children and prowls the streets some nights keeping an eye out for vandalsHe models himself after a figure in an Inuit legend, an unknon white man, who provided food and clothing to people in need.

I can’t remember if I’ve ever done any good deeds while in a costume but if you count uniforms as costumes, then I suppose I’d register as a World Superhero, because I used to let my buddies copy my homework during secondary school days and I’m sure it has helped them tremendously, then and now.  Come to think about it, I’ve been providing solutions to people around me most of the time, and entasked in taking care of stuffs most of the time. Ahhh…

I think I’d like to call myself… Providence Boyy!

And now, back to work and real life…

10 Whales Beached on Bali Island

I think Bali residents are proving themselves to be positive and opportunists during this economic downturn.

Browsing Yahoo News (SG) I came across the article where they mention of 10 whales beached in Bali. No, there wasn’t any wildlife exhibitions or marine life showcase, but it was probably  a case of really bad weather (underwater???) for these mammals, that drove them to beach to their death. But I’d suspect that their cause of death could be aligned towards another reason.

You see, some villagers probably grew affectionate for these stranded beasts, and quite possibly poured buckets water onto these mammoths while some kids danced around them and throwing sand. And then there are some who’d go right up to these beasts, with an empty bucket and a parang, and cut them up and drain their fats/oils for Medical purposes. Trained doctors they’re not, but other than having a similar effect to Viagra, I simply can’t fathom any reasons why they should be cutting up stranded fish carcass.

Me, imagining their conditions, “Woah, got whale! Cut! Cut! Get Oil! Fish Asam Laksa for the rest of the month too! Woohooo!!” or something like that. Ruthless eh? Just like the handsomely paid executives of wall street. Mindless too. But to each his own. Or her own, I guess. 

Anyway, so why do whales beach? One of the most intelligent mammals to swim this earth, I suspect that it could be a political statement that these fishes undertook. Perhaps they were a gang of suicidal fishes or maybe they were extremists who were trying to rid the coastline from humans? You know, like suicide bombers on a mission — except its without any pyrotechnics. Whatever their agenda may be, it is  sad and yet normal.  Failure to save them may be seen as cruel to some animatarians (is there such a word???) but looking at it from a local Villager’s point of view, it is entertainment, a medical  boon, and a chance to keep the wallet intact too.

Early February Musings

Its a tough day at work, always. Clients keep chasing for changes and confirmations, while friends and family bombard you with reminders and requests. Not that its a bad thing, its a good and welcomed situation actually. For certain I definitely wouldn’t mind getting a peaceful night’s rest at home, but usually by the time I reach my room’s door, it is already well past midnight.

As usual, the only ones who greet me with eager anticipation when I reach home (the taman jurong one) are my 2 cats, Siti Seri and Jack, but that is only because  everyone else are  soundly sleeping and vividly dreaming the night away.

Indeed cats have a keen sense of hearing and they somehow are able to sense that someone is coming?Anyway, without fail my 2 felines will be waiting on their paws as I open the door, meowing and seemingly beckoning for something, which I barely understand. They’re just cats but their enthusiasm enlightens me cos at least there’s someone who is saying ‘hi’ to me, especially after a hard day’s work – and sometimes that is all you need to make your day.

It cannot be underestimated that a simple greeting, or gesture of concern can bring lots of meaning, however simple or short it may be. It could be the difference between feeling the love and feeling ignored. For sure, it is enlightening, even if it comes from a cat – or make that 2 cats!

There’s so many things that we can learn from cats – and definitely their affableness is one of the lessons that they impart to their owners. Affectionate, lovable, mischievous yet unconditional in their own rights, cats really should have been given the title of Man’s best buddies. Some may say that dogs are Man’s best friends, but seriously I beg to differ. No prizes in guessing whom I think that title should go to — Cats!

The El Nino Effect / Liverpool 2 – Chelsea 0

Yes yes yes yes yes! Finally Steven Gerrard and company go back to winning ways, having despatched Chelsea off with 2 late Torres goals, and an attacking impetus conducted by Rafa that has not been seen since… well does it really matter now?

Precious points earned enabled Liverpool to close the gap at the top to 2 points, but Ferguson’s men still has a game in hand (which includes a game against Liverpool. Now that’s one to watch for!).

Did Liverpool deserve the 3 points? Not really sure on this. Does Chelsea deserve to lose? Quite rightly. 

The first 15 minutes, Chelsea looked like they’ll be going all out for a win, but their enthusiasm soon died as they sat back to a flat 4-4-2 and played for a draw instead. Having missed a few key players, it was understandable that Phil Scolari took it cautious, but credit to him for bringing in his more attacking players as soon as Liverpool went 1 man up, via a needless and wrongful sending off of Lampard. I didn’t quite agree with the referee but it seems that Liverpool’s luck is coming back already.

Chelsea then looked more threatening with Drogba leading upfront. Pretty soon even Alex joined him as a second striker. Being 1-0 down, you might as well send all your players into attack mode and go all out for an equaliser. Really it doesn’t matter even if you concede a second goal, because losing 2-0  is no different from losing 1-0. 

 Throughout the game, Riera tormented the left flanks, while Kuyt hounded Chelsea on the right. Alonso and Masch kept vigil in the middle of the park while Carragher kept getting the better of Anelka. Torres had a quiet first 80 minutes by his standards, but being the world class striker that he is, just one chance was required. Terry didn’t warn Alex of Torres’ run from behind, while Chec didn’t protect his near post enough. Good goal, good game.

And the referee booked Steven Gerrard for diving, but he let him off for a potentially dangerous slide on Mikel? Looking at the replay, I thought Gerrard had come into contact with Chelsea’s midfielders before falling down, albeit rather theatrically, but you can’t deny that there was contact being made. I suppose the referee tried to atone for his failure to dish out a yellow during the earlier sliding challenge, thus he waited for an opportunity to book Gerrard.

So Liverpool 2, Chelsea 0. I had even skipped DOTA and declined Han’s invi for a night of ‘Left4Dead’ at Cyberdome as this was a game that I could not miss. As it turned out, the game was not quite the equivalent of last year’s Champions League semi-final that I was hoping for, but I’m content nevertheless. A win for Liverpool makes my day.

Signing off,
Liverpudlian for life.