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The Piratebay Goes To Trial

The Piratebay Goes To Trial

Nice Logo indeed, and admit it that you’ve been here before!

Apparently the Swedish blokes behind are being given a trial, yesterday at Stockholm, Sweden. No, they’re not being asked to test drive stuffs but rather a group of media companies are suing them, read this, MILLIONS.

Secretly I harbour thoughts that these companies are over-reacting ‘cos they don’t lose any reputation when their software gets hawked at torrent sites like thepiratebay,  but instead I think their wares are actually being exposed to a larger audience. An audience that probably couldn’t afford to part with a month or 2 months pay just to buy a piece of software/movie. If only these companies market their products cheaper.

And then I wonder, don’t the web hosting companies that hosts the piratebay gets implicated? Don’t the domain managers get implicated as well? How about the users who upload these wares or those who download them?

Hais. Even if thepiratebay goes down, another one will probably take its place, maybe even two. Who knows. You can’t kill these things. They’re like cockroach, you just can’t get rid of them!

Seri’s Cambodia Trip

After many days of packing her bags, my sis, Seri, finally made her way for Cambodia. A school excursion/exchange programme which I don’t really comprehend about — RP or Republic Poly really has an unorthodox way of passing on the knowledge. From what my sis complains about, it is as if they never really teach, only coerces you to gather your own knowledge and build your own skills ALL ON YOUR OWN (which really makes going to school redundant isn’t it?) — but maybe these lecturers, or industry rejects as coined by my former lecturers, have an undercover agenda? Only god knows.

Anyway it was another sleep deprived night as I woke up in the wee hours (3am!!!!) to accompany sis to the airport. Okay, okay so I really only managed to drag myself to the void deck to send her off, as Dad, Ma and her Beau drove her to Terminal 1, and I though I felt bad for not sending all the way, I know I’ll be seeing her again in 2 weeks time, which I believe will pass by soon enough.

If her US study trip gets approved, then I’ll definitely be sending her right up to the gangways of the Boeing747 (they still using this bird anot arh? or is it the airbus already?). Highly unlikely that security will let me though all the way, but nevertheless, I’ll be sending her off as far as I can. 

So, here’s me wishing her all the best in milking the Cambodian Cows and plucking the feathers of the local gallinaceous birds for dinner. May there be enough food to fill up her untenable apetite and may the guerilla mosquities make peace with her at night. Anyway I hope that she’ll get loads of experience and mosquito bites and create as much network and friends as possible and come back a richer, fuller, worldly person. Good luck Sis!

Now back to my slumber…

An Overly Exhaustive Weekend


Exhausted, I was. Thus no updates over the weekend. Hear me rant.

Had a cracking game in the 3pm League on Saturday, and though it was a good outing, I failed to muster any decent shots on target, meaning that I’ve not scored in a game for a very long time, which also meant that it was another disappointing afternoon for me even though the team won. Very uncomfortable indeed. Uncompromising fact: I need to start scoring goals!

Straight after the game was Abg Syam’s birthday BBQ at East Coast, another scrumptious BBQ that I’ve had within a year. (The other one was my customer’s home bbq thingy, which got me crazy over crayfish!) So food was great, but it came at a tradeoff, involving me being a waterboy-for-hire. If only there was a warning sign which said ‘Water Point very far. Maybe 1-1.5km away. Are you sure you’re carrying that much water?’.

Slept like a log till the next day only to be awakened by Dad’s booming voice. Thrice — he failed in his first 2 attempts to wake me up, but its only because It was a Sunday and I don’t get up around 8.30am. Ever. Anyway, me, bro, ma and Dad were up early to assist our relatives in shifting/moving house and I’m not sure what unlucky boxers I was wearing to receive such luck of having to carry REALLY heavy stuffs on a Sunday morning. I think I sweated more than yesterday’s soccer game. But since all’s for a good cause eh I’m humbly glad to assist then.

More rants to follow. Read on.

Immediately after the house shifting thingy, about 12.45pm, I rushed to Dragonscage for my weekly dosage of street soccer, and of all the days to end the session early, it was today! I joined the guys for about 20-25 minutes and then it was a wrap! Disappointed again, but thankfully the trip to West Mall’s Pastamania was some sort of a mild redemption as I discovered that they served really delicious, spicy, thick Pasta dishes! Would definitely go again!

And being the passionate soccer freak that I am, I found it hard near impossible to resist Abg Rahman’s invitation to play at a nearby Secondary School (Hua Yi Secondary, my sis’s former secondary school). Was accompanying sis with her Cambodia trip preparations, but I dropped it all and dashed off with my trusted soccer boots. The afternoon was hot, but no matter how fatigued I was, a game of soccer never failed to ignite me. Not even when this uncle team I was playing for was down by 2 goals to nil.

Actually, the scoreline worked me up even more. Its like I get some sort of a rush in trying to overcome a deficit. I suppose the rewards of not succumbing is sweeter, but I certainly wasn’t expecting a 5 goals to Zero reply outcome. Second time ever that a team I’m in concedes so much. Sob-Sob.

Gaaaah, so much results not going my way over the weekend (let’s not get started about the streak of losses in my dota games eh?) and I suppose things’ll only get better.

Time to get new boxers?

The Piratebay Goes To Trial

Friday The 13th (Emptees)

Touch wood, cos its Friday the 13th.

Or better yet, take a look at these beautiful tee designs from emptees! What better way to showcase misfortune than have a gnarling, snarling pix of wolves, eh?

ezwolf-emptees  hacw-epmtees
Unfortunately these designs aren’t available for sale yet, but merely for communal discussion. That is what is all about — a tightly knitted, and brilliant, t-shirt designing community, that continuously talk about tee designs and their evolution.

While some makes it for printing, most are merely artworks put up for debate.

So what if it is Friday the 13th, for it is only the Western world that is afraid of such number, and I REALLY think that it has served me well. I used to score loads of goals for my Secondary School, wearing that unlucky number, so it irks me that somehow I am facing a goal drought with my current team, Skopets Invicta FC, even though I don the same number.

So what does this say? Simple, that numbers don’t bring luck or misfortune, and its all in the head. Comprendre amigo?

Now stop being superstitious about Friday the 13th and give these tee designs a visit and contribute a critic or two.

Agger Issues Ultimatum

I’d never consider that there will come a day when Daniel Agger would issue an ultimatum to Liverpool FC.

As always I am never surprised that Rafa is continually being forced to use his players as pawns, in the LFC power struggle. Now that Keane has left, Agger has stepped up to be the media’s new darling.

Agger has already turned down AC Milan’s enticing offer to stay at Anfield, but it seems that he isn’t being given the chance to lead Liverpool’s defensive line. Often during games, I sense that he has been the one that is driving the team from the back, and occasionally taking potshots at goal. Sometimes he even has more chances than the strikers combined.

Anyway, if it really is true that Agger buys out his contract this summer and walks away from Anfield, then I suppose that even Rafa Benitez, who seems content in not playing Agger until the owners present them both with quality contracts, will be doing the same. 

It irks me that the British media is focusing onto the Manager and Players and less on the dastardly duo owners, whoose grand plans have been foiled by the gloom in the US economy. This further strengthens my belief that there should never be an even number of bosses, but that’s another story.  

Now, if only the Dubai Consortium would dangle a tastier carrot in front of Hicks and Gillett — then I’ll bet that its only a mater of time before David Villa and Kaka books a one-way ticket to Anfield.

Of which I’ll follow suit and grab my ticket to watch Liverpool winning the Champions League Finals… Yeah right.

No Karaoke = DOTA = Prudent?

The Karok (Karaoke Night Out) didn’t go as planned–well shucks–but dinner at Sakura (Far East) made up for it, as D’Junkies Steamers, which Irfan tagged us back then during our poly days, gathered for a quick reunion. D’junkies Steamers are Z, Bangau, Fran, Syna, Nuwool, Ayu and Moi, but those were the days.

These days we’re all held captive by our working life. I can’t be sure of their dayjobs but I think that there’s a web developer, 3D animator, Architectural Modeller, Teacher, Printer (no points in guessing who this is..) and 2 highly available dudes amongst us!

Times are hard indeed, and job security is foremost on everyone’s mind. Even Godma keeps reminding me to work hard so as to not get on the ‘R’ list. The ‘Retrenched’ list that is, but getting retrenched is (thankfully) nowhere near a worry for me – though I’m more worried for my customers actually.

Nearly all of them lament about the slow economy this year. Plenty are still coming in for prints, albeit smaller jobs/runs. Most are asking for better rates, and I keep reminding them that pricing isn’t the issue here, but rather the value.

I don’t know if I’m tightening their situation or being productive in my stubbornness to go lower.  IMHO, if really you’re cutting costs, then might as well forego and save everything, along with all the troubles.  Now THAT would really cut plenty of costs. Best to cut all unnecessary expenditures!

Anyway, about the Karok, its a good thing that it was cancelled–another unnecessary spending averted by moi– but then the cancellation only led me to another round of DOTA gaming!I suppose I couldn’t fulfil my earlier ambitions of  limitting my DOTA time for the week! So much for being ambitious and resource thrift! 

Looking at the positives, at least DOTA is way cheaper than Karok! Heh…

DOTA-ing for one last time in this week.

Me Sleepy, and I think my cats asked me to stay home longer and get more rest. Maybe that’s why occasionally they will sit on my chest and start kneading whenever I lie on the bed. I think I’ve been officially inducted into the Cat’s ‘Hall of Fame’ where special treatment will be adorn onto humans who are given the unique trust. Deeply, I’m honored.

Okay, enough crap for the day. Basically I’m just exhausted. Stuff at work picked up momentum so suddenly that It caught us all by surprise, much like how a fire festival in Korea turned into a fatal inferno when a gust of wind changed direction suddenly.

And then there is the daily distraction of DOTA, Pool, KBOX, soccer and chicken chops to whittle my personal space/time into a barely accessible capsule of undigested opportunity. And this opportunity lays there vividly in my gaze, but blurred and overlapped by self procrastinations.

Knowing myself, I know that given a timeframe, I will complete whatever is required. Maybe the abscence of any real deadlines and the non-existance of bad consequences add to the protraction of my projects. Indeed it is tough to force yourself into doing something, knowing that there’s always another day to accomplish it. 

Alright then, maybe I’ll just DOTA one last time for the week, tonight. Maybe…

The Piratebay Goes To Trial

Updated Design By Humans Website

New DBH Website mentioned January 5th as a day of changes, but nothing much really happened then. I suppose that they took another month to put up the finishing touches to their spanking new layout. Better late than never rite?

I’ll definitely need some time to get used to it, cos I thought the old layout was much more accomodating to a user. The comments/feedback system has improved tremendously, and a FORUM has been included this time around. So much so that it closely resembles a souped up version of‘s  CMS style.

One notable difference would be the way shirts are displayed on their shopfront. The old layout portrayed different guys almost every time, but now it is discomfortingly the same fella all over again, for all the Men’s tees – albeit in different poses. Well at least for now there’ll be no more scrawny fella being showcased mercilessly!

 In summary, I guess that DBH may be changing or moving towards a social networking site of sorts, but nevertheless, the exquisite and brilliant tee designs that are born there will hopefully continue to captivate and mesmerise tee junkies like me.

Portsmouth 2 – Liverpool 3, and title credentials.

Liverpool’s away win at Fratton Park, against Posrtsmouth, on Saturday’s eve meant that it was victory number 7 in 15 games! It certainly does not showcase a title winning team, but having conceded just 1 loss in 15 games might suggest otherwise. It has been Liverpool’s undoings that they drew (7 draws in the last 15!) too many games, since the past few seasons. 

However this season, unlike seasons past, feels a little different because we won games against our fellow compatriots, and this has been a crucial factor in preventing them from pulling away in the league. Then there is that distinct Liverpool flavour of late comebacks, like how Portsmouth unfortunately witnessed last Saturday. 

An unorthodox formation of 3-5-2 was deployed by Rafa and despite the surprise tactics, and despite Gerrard’s abscence, Liverpool played really well. Critics have been calling Rafa mad, but I think it is them who are mad. Rafa may appear defensive but his cautious nature have prevented plenty of defeats, and actually made us a terribly difficult team to beat, unless your team is called Everton ( whose players have been born to hate us)!

Gleefully Torres has rekindled his scoring prowess while the Liverpool wingers have finally learned how to present a proper cross across goal. Now even Jamie Carragher has evolved into an overlapping behemoth, but I’ll not touch on his crossing abilities yet. It certainly feels that the team is maturing nicely together now.

With a lot more games to be played there is definitely plenty of optimism within the Liverpool camp. Despite not having the audacity to make any bold title winning predictions at the moment, I will be crossing my fingers for our 19th Title to come to Anfield, after 19 years of wait. There is hope, still.