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A belated new year wish.

It’s 2014 and truth be told, I’m just glad to have 2013 behind me — glad not because of my fortunes or misfortunes, but glad that a new year is here for a ‘new beginning’.

A new beginning at the office, the home, friends and relationships, adventures and projects, gamings and punts, sports and leisure and that’s pretty much it. Boring eh? Maybe. Maybe not. ; )

2014 is gonna be so exciting, that it’s so scary to even think about what might happen next.

In short,  I’m throwing myself a curveball and chasing after it at the same time. On the verge of somthing either so exciting or so demoralising, that I can’t quite figure it out yet. I need help, and it’s not often that I admit it but I NEED HELP. I can’t do things on my own anymore. ; )

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The future is amazing.

Changes abound and changes inevitable.

Places and sounds and faces and gambles.

It’s been a while indeed.

Welcome back, Me. Welcome back.

Happy Chinese New Year

I always tell myself that positivity breeds positivity, and the same for its reverse — i.e negativity breeds negativity.

And I’m always trying to see the positive amidst the chaos and incoherent mash-ups of finger-pointing, blamestorming and the innocent vitriols. Notice my sarcasm?

I have a mission to stray away from negative people and negative things, but inadvertently I find myself closing in on them and consequently making efforts to make things better, even if those concerned have only one thing on their mind and agenda: themselves.

But I’m a manager now. In fact, I’m The Manager now, as it has been so for the past six months, and I cannot let things get carried away.

I am the boss, and I try to be a good boss and I know how much I hate it myself to be working under a boss that is evil. Interestingly, bad bosses are those that keep bad employees and don’t allow their tutelages the room to grow and compensate for their weakness.

Because everybody has weakness.

And I have a glaring weakness.

I am nice, and nice bosses, make for bad bosses.

Some things gotta change.

Happy Chinese New Year — Year of the snake!

October 2012

It’s been invigorating and taxing*1 to say the least of 2012 and of my role at the office, where it has begrudgingly taken its toll on my ageing body and listless mind.

*1I wanted to write it as taxful, but switched to taxing when I later found out that there’s no such thing as taxful!

Ever since the official announcement of my stepping up onto a full-fledge managerial podium, things hasn’t been a blast but it’s been a mixed tape of joy and rancour, not least towards my loved ones. Dad has consistently been weary of my commitments at the office, and while I feel as if I’m steadily chugging along smoothly my life train, I guess my loved ones do worry consistently for me.

In fact, I can’t remember exactly when but one or two weeks back, Dad and I had a heart to heart talk involving life’s philosophies, faith, and the interim future. I vividly remember how disappointed and angry he was to hear my story while sitting in his usual daddy clothes in the living room sofa. He was animated over my outlook for the next 5 to 10 years but in my defence, I was full of optimism and vigour, but I guess the gap in our opinions meant that It’s nigh I walk the talk or he’s just going to earn full vindication of his raging emotions.

Dads, will be dads and they only want the best for you, but I guess that being a slight risk taker, I’m inclined in leveraging my odds, because I do have an incumbent belief that anything is possible. Unfortunately for me, my laid-back-strollingly-nonchalant demeanour among friends and family doesn’t quite lends itself as confidence. Fortunately for me, it’s a near opposite world of appreciation elsewhere.

Still, only I know how much I’m able to last and withstand from all the onslaught of expectations and confrontations, but I’m pretty sure that I’m able to shift the gears of the life train up a notch or two. No, it won’t be easy, nor will it be comfortable, but I’m braced and all geared up for the bumpy ride.

Now if only I can get the ones that are closest to me along in this ride, because it’s going to be awesome.

The future seems amazing. Believe it, and you’ll know that it’ll come true.

The Dark Knight Rises: Brief Movie Review by Mar.

IMHO, it just didn’t live up to its hype, and the best scenes of the movie, unfortunately for itself, was the final 15 minutes of its running time, where closure and affability was in generous abundance to its characters.

IMHO, the masked villain and the masked vigilante just didn’t really synergised, perhaps due to both taking on a rather earful slur/slang whenever they spoke, where amusing enough to note was that Bane only had his mouth and nose covered, while Batman’s wasn’t.

IMHO, the movie’s script tried to rush itself in the beginning 30 minutes before settling down into a nice pace in the middle, after which its multiple plots evolved much too quickly for plot cohesion to gain traction, making it seem as if Nolan was trying to cram too much with too little time towards the ending, resulting in a hash-mash of a cliche superhero-comic ending.

IMHO, the brooding, serious and humbling tones of Batman Begins (BB) and The Dark Knight (TDK) was never matched, where I could have easily mistakened The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR) to have fallen into the hands of a Michael Bay wanna-be instead — no disrespect to the affable and magical Christopher Nolan, mind you.

IMHO, TDKR could probably have benefited from making it into a 2-part series — the first part being the telling of Bane’s ascension, while the second part being Batman’s, but of course, I’m merely digressing and 2-cents opining.

IMHO, TDKR won’t likely be a classic for most like how Nolan’s previous projects were, but it’s still endowed with plenty of thrill and fill to entertain the masses.

IMHO, I just wished TDKR had spent a tad more screen time to make me love it a little bit more.

The solution to problems.

Everyone sees problems.

Most sees the solution.

Some sees steps and ways to overcome them.

Sadly, unfortunately and usually, noone is seen taking action.

And the problem is seen again.

You know, if you wanted to, you could have done it.


So tell me, what do you really see, and what’s there to stop you?

Be the solution.

Not just the dictator, and certainly not just the announcer.

Be the solution.

The solution is you.

In the grander scheme of things..

Man are made to be more fragile than glass, and yet they grow to be stronger than iron.

I’m a believer that when things happen, there’s no point in returning to the past to play the blame game. But rather to look forward and continue charting or recharting your paths.

We may not possess the miracle of avoiding catastrophe but we sure do have the capacity to meander around disabilities to thrive and survive.

Make amends with what we have today.

Make peace with what we’ve done yesterday.

But most importantly make do (plans) with what we’ll receive tomorrow.

Thankful always, in the grander scheme of things.

Thankful, always.

My family suffered a catastrophic accident last Tuesday morning, and it’s Wednesday night already. To be exact it was Mummy and Daddy, but in the grander scheme of things, it was an accident to everyone related. From the 2year old Baby Irfan that urgently needs a new babysitter now — ‘cos Mummy needs to look after herself now after her (thankfully) successful night surgery, to the close and distant family member that executed a change of plans to accomodate a visit. Then again, it was an epiphany in every sense of the word too.

In the grander scheme of things, I believe things will work itself out for the better. The way I look at it, the glass isn’t half empty right now, it’s half full. And everyone in the family are already making plans to fill it to the brim again.

Why being the best don’t guarantee you the trophy..

1. You underestimate the competition.

2. You motivate the competition.

3. You are the competition.

I saw how the Spanish football team took to the field against the unfancied Italians last night, and I’m not sure if it was just me whom noticed the smuggy Spanish faces, of which I dare say do gingerly tilt towards over-confidence.

They terribly underestimated the Italian contingent, and the Italians were grateful for the nonchalant defending of Casilas and co, attacking wave after wave relentlessly.

Truly, it’s a pity that much of what the Italians got for their efforts were a mundane defiance from the Spanish players still refusing to accede their lost of grip during the game.

Before the game even began, the motivated Italian team knew what they had to do and they knew that Spain, was the team to beat for this European championships.

Indeed, Spain was the competition, and when you’re the competition, everyone ups their game against you.

Suddenly everyone has a reason to beat you.

That’s why sometimes, it’s best to stay low profile and play the underdogs.

Heh, just ask Chelsea.


It cannot be measured, stored or transferred, but it can certainly be wished for, earned and yearned.

And I wish to earn that which I yearn.


Such a simple word, yet so hard to achieve.

Browser Wars..

Saw this somewhere over the net and couldn’t resist adding it here. ; )

Browser Wars

So true.. so true..